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We are but Knights in a Tale of Kings: A Merlin/Arthur Fanmix:

Exploring the relationship of Arthur and Merlin as the better parts of one another. Bit cheesy, but you know, been a long time since I've made one of these anyhow XD -grin-

New icons will also be posted as soon as they're made, including BBC's Sherlock, Miss Marple, Misfits, BBC's Merlin, and BBC's Miranda :)

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We are but Knights in a Tale of Kings:
1. You and Me- Lifehouse
2. Iris- The Goo Goo Dolls
3. One and Only- Adele
4. You've Got to Hide Your Love Away- The Beatles
5. If I Laugh- Cat Stevens
6. Look What You've Done- Jet
7. Jealous Guy- John Lennon
8. Magic- Pilot
9. Wild Horses- The Rolling Stones
10. Don't Want to Miss a Thing- Aerosmith
11. It Ain't Me Babe- White Antelope (Bob Dylan Cover)


"There's something about you, Merlin, I can't put my finger on it..."

You and Me- Lifehouse:
There's something about you now
I can't quite figure out.

'Cause it's you and me and all of the people with nothing to do
Nothing to lose
And it's you and me and all other people
And I don't know why, I can't keep my eyes off of you.


Iris- Goo Goo Dolls:
And I don't want the world to see me
'Cause I don't think that they'd understand
When everything's made to be broken
I just want you to know who I am


One and Only- Adele:

You've been on my mind
I grow fonder every day,
Lose myself in time
Just thinking of your face
God only knows
Why it's taking me so long
To let my doubts go
You're the only one that I want

I don't know why I'm scared, I've been here before
Every feeling, every word, I've imagined it all,
You never know if you never try
To forgive your past and simply be mine.


You've Got to Hide Your Love Away- The Beatles:

Everywhere people stare
each and every day
I can see them laugh at me
And I hear them say.

Hey you've got to hide your love away
Hey you've got to hide your love away.


(Arthur feels used and strained in his relationship with the secretive Merlin and plays it off through belittlement and humor.)

If I Laugh- Cat Stevens:

If I laugh just a little bit
Maybe I can forget the chance
That I didn't have to know you
And live in peace, in peace

If I laugh just a little bit
Maybe I can forget the plans that
I didn't use to get you
At home - with me - alone

If I laugh just a little bit
Maybe I can recall the way
That I used to be, before you
And sleep at night - and dream
If I laugh, baby if I laugh
Just a little bit -


(Arthur discovers Merlin's use of magic.)

Look What You've Done- Jet:

Oh, look what you've done
You've made a fool of everyone
Oh well, it seems like such fun
Until you lose what you had won.

Give me back my point of view
'Cause I just can't think for you
I can hardly hear you say
What should I do, well you choose.


Jealous Guy- John Lennon:

I didn't mean to hurt you,
I'm sorry that I made you cry,
I didn't want to hurt you,
I'm just a jealous guy,

I was feeling insecure,
You night not love me any more,

I was shivering inside,
I was shivering inside,

I was trying to catch your eyes,
Thought that you were trying to hide,
I was swallowing my pain,
I was swallowing my pain.


Magic- Pilot:

Who-oa-oa it's magic, you know.

Never believe it's not so.


Wild Horses- The Rolling Stones:

Graceless lady, you know who I am.

You know I can't let you, slide through my hands.

Wild horses, couldn't drag me away.
I watched you suffer a dull aching pain
Now you've decided to show me the same
But no sweet, vain exits or offstage lines
Could make me feel bitter or treat you unkind.


I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing- Aerosmith:

I could stay awake just to hear you breathing
Watch you smile while you are sleeping
While you're far away and dreaming
I could spend my life in this sweet surrender
I could stay lost in this moment forever
Every moment spent with you
Is a moment I treasure.

Don't wanna close my eyes
Don't wanna fall asleep
'Cause I'd miss you, baby
And I don't wanna miss a thing
'Cause even when I dream of you
The sweetest dream would never do
I'd still miss you, baby
And I don't wanna miss a thing.

It Ain't Me Babe- White Antelope (Bob Dylan Cover):
I'm not the one you want, babe
I'm not the one you need
You say you're lookin' for someone
Who's never weak but always strong
To protect you an' defend you
Whether you are right or wrong
Someone to open each and every door
But it ain't me, babe
No, no, no, it ain't me babe It ain't me you're lookin' for, babe.

(ZIP over here!)
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