You Make Me Feel: A Doctor Who Master/ BBC's Sherlock Moriarty Crossover Fanmix:

A slightly pop-py tinged punk mix for my two of my favorite villains, The Master and Jim Moriarty. I tried to make it as sadistic as possible and hard-edged (But figuring the Master DOES listen to The Scissor Sisters, I'd figure I'd throw in two pop-pier songs just for him xD) I LOVE the idea of a crossover where they actually meet. Good lord, the world would explode. xD

You Make Me Feel: A Doctor Who Master/ BBC's Sherlock Moriarty Crossover Fanmix:
1. Voodoo Child (Here Come the Drums)- The Master and Rogue Traders
2. Loose- The Stooges
3. Barracuda- Heart
4. I Can't Decide- The Scissor Sisters
5. I Need Somebody- The Stooges
6. I Wanna Be Your Dog- The Stooges
7. Maneater- Nelly Furtado
8. Life's a Gas- T. Rex

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We are but Knights in a Tale of Kings: A Merlin/Arthur Fanmix:

Exploring the relationship of Arthur and Merlin as the better parts of one another. Bit cheesy, but you know, been a long time since I've made one of these anyhow XD -grin-

New icons will also be posted as soon as they're made, including BBC's Sherlock, Miss Marple, Misfits, BBC's Merlin, and BBC's Miranda :)

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We are but Knights in a Tale of Kings:
1. You and Me- Lifehouse
2. Iris- The Goo Goo Dolls
3. One and Only- Adele
4. You've Got to Hide Your Love Away- The Beatles
5. If I Laugh- Cat Stevens
6. Look What You've Done- Jet
7. Jealous Guy- John Lennon
8. Magic- Pilot
9. Wild Horses- The Rolling Stones
10. Don't Want to Miss a Thing- Aerosmith
11. It Ain't Me Babe- White Antelope (Bob Dylan Cover)

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A forced hiatus.

Sorry for the long hiatus everyone; I moved cross-country and thanks to the fucking cable company, have not had internet for a month except for the internet I can scrounge off when I go to school every day |D But I'd just like to plug the fact that I do have a Tumblr, if anyone is interested, and since it's far easier to update general graphics there than here on Livejournal, I post there more than I do here now, at least, until I have internet back.


In the meantime, feel free to spam me with actors, actresses, movies, films, television shows you'd love to see from me in my next graphics batch, whatever you wish, open season :)  And if you're interested, follow me on Tumblr, where I usually put my photo edits.
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GIGANTIC post: Fanmix: The Prince's Tale: Wish You Were Here + Icons

The Prince's Tale: Wish You Were Here: A Severus Snape/Lily Evans Fanmix:

1. Have You Seen Her Face?- The Byrds
2. Wish You Were Here- Pink Floyd
3. Hallelujah- Rufus Wainwright
4. Oh My Love- John Lennon
5. We're Just Friends- Wilco
6. You've Got to Hide Your Love Away- Eddie Vedder
7. In Our Bedroom After the War- Stars
8. Moonlight Sonata- Beethoven
9. Don't Think Twice It's Alright- Bob Dylan
10. The End- The Doors

[01-05]: Torchwood/Doctor Who
[06-11]: Michael Fassbender
[12-19]: Harry Potter
[20-21]: The Dark Knight
[22-23]: I am Sam
[24-25]: Star Trek TOS
[26-28]: The King's Speech
[29-32]: Misc Actors/Actresses (Emma Watson, James Dean, Jake Gyllenhaal):
[33]: Adele
[34]: BBC's Sherlock

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Poll #1760786 Opinion Poll

What would you like to see more of at Dayofficons?

(Insert fandom here)
All of the above!
If there's a particular fandom you love, icon you'd like to be made, PSD or tutorial to explain an effect I use, or a certain character you'd like a fanmix based on, please post it here. I'm on a roll lately and LOVING any ideas you may have for me.

Coming up next is another fanmix. The subject is to be determined :)



On a roll lately with graphics. Suggestions post still open, so if you have any fandoms you'd like to see, the post is still open over here. :) However, I am moving at the beginning of August and traveling in mid-July, so please be patient with me timewise for requests.

[01] Bob Dylan
[08] X-Men Cast, including Hugh Jackman, Michael Fassbender, and Nicholas Hoult.
[04] Jane Eyre (2011)
[03] BBC's Sherlock (Mycroft as requested by princessbloomy )
[04] Karen Gillan (Doctor Who)
[01] Game of Thrones (Tywin as requested by princessbloomy )

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Suggestions post!


Got some favorite actors/actresses you wish to see? Got a TV show/Movie you'd love to see featured here? Support a fandom/ OTPairing? Got a particular picture you'd like an icon to be made out of? Well, post it here under this cut and there's a good chance if I find it interesting enough, it will be made. :)

Next post will include Hugh Jackman, Benedict Cumberbatch, Karen Gillan, Michael Fassbender and Nicholas Hoult, to name a few. Add to those suggestions by commenting here!

First Icons on New Graphics System!

New computer, new graphic system :) Now working with Adobe Photoshop CS5.1, which is a bit different but I'm getting use to it, and I think it's yielded some pretty good results :) Enjoy :)

[07] Star Trek: The Original Series and Reboot 2009 Movie, including actor Chris Pine
[07] X-Men: First Class-Related Icons
[03] Adele Alternates
[01] A Dangerous Method
[01] Karen Gillan (Doctor Who)
[01] Michael Fassbender
[01] Fashion Stock
[01] Chopin

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Do You Love Me?: A Two Part Erik/Charles Fanmix:

A Two-part Erik/Charles fanmix from "X-Men: First Class". 

The first part, the love mix, is solely music reflective of Charles and Erik's somewhat delicate and tender relationship, slightly melancholy. It charts from Erik's childhood internment during World War Two to 1962, the year which he meets Charles Xavier and becomes best friends, and finally, to their sad division into Magneto and Professor X. Not very many spoilers, but it is helpful if you've seen the film.

The second part of the mix is basically a Sixties dance mix, based on the musical choices made in the film and on what I'd like to imagine Charles and Erik dancing to with the rest of the X-Men in swinging sixties England. XD

Part One:
Love Mix:
1. Comfortably Numb- Pink Floyd:
2. My Mummy's Dead- John Lennon
3. If I Laugh- Cat Stevens
4. I Am a Rock- Simon and Garfunkel
5. Delicate- Damien Rice
6. Bridge Over Troubled Water [Alternate Recording]- Simon and Garfunkel
7. Told You So- The Guggenheim Grotto
8. Falling Slowly- The Swell Season
9. I'll Find a Way- Rachel Yamagata
10. No Other Way- Paolo Nutini
11. One of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later)- Bob Dylan
12. Old Friends- Simon and Garfunkel

Bonus Dance Mix!

Part Two: Dance Mix:
1. Land Of 1000 Dances- Wilson Pickett
2. Shout!- Lulu & The Luuvers
3. My Generation- The Who
4. Hanky Panky- Tommy James
5. I Just Want to Make Love to You- Etta James
6. Jumpin' Jack Flash- The Rolling Stones
7. All Day and All of the Night- The Kinks
8. Do You Love Me (Now That I Can Dance)- The Contours
9. Purple Haze- Jimi Hendrix
10. Sir Duke- Stevie Wonder
11. Twist and Shout- The Beatles
12. This Old Heart of Mine (Is Weak for You)- The Isley Brothers
13. Slippin' and Slidin'- John Lennon
14. We've Got a Groovy Thing Goin'
15. Shakin' All Over- The Guess Who
16. Secret Agent Man- The Guess Who
17. No Sugar Tonight- The Guess Who
18. White Room- Cream
19. Black Dog- Led Zeppelin

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[01-05] Billy Elliott
[06-16] Supernatural (Mostly Dean as requested by nebulasan )
[17-25] John Hughes Films (Quotes, Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller)
[26-34] Classic Rock (Beatles, Queen, ACDC)

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